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User Reviews and comments on La Paloma Gelateria & Cafe

From: anonymous on Mar-14-2003

From: Sue on Mar-25-2003
The prices are a bit high, but it's well worth it!!! Where else will you find Ferrerro Rochero ice cream?? It's to die for and well worth the price!!

From: anonymous on Mar-30-2003
I love La Paloma. It's a great place to hang out and eat amazing ice cream. It's also in a great location and you're surrounded by other Italians! It's great!!

From: Peros on Apr-17-2003
Great selection - about $4.50 per scoop - well worth it ... onlyplace outside Italy to get some of the flavours! Highly Recommend!

From: Ashleigh on Apr-30-2003
The prices are absolutley crazy, Hollywood Gelato is much better in my opinion and less exspensive. Hollywood Gelato's Fererro Rocher is the BEST. Try it sometime!

From: Don on May-13-2003
In response to some other comments, the prices are higher than most but the quality is the best you will find in this city. I just returned from Italy and the prices are at par with what I had paid at some of the best shops in northern Italy (and the quality is as good). Save yourself the plane ticket, experience the culture of Italy in a Lemon sorbetto - don't waste your time, go directly to the St.Clair store.

From: Frank on May-13-2003
Hollywood Gelato's Ferrero Rocher tastes so good because they buy their gelato from La Paloma. When Hollywood gelato first opened I asked if they new about La Paloma - Not only did they know them, they bought flavours from them. Even if they don't buy from them anymore, they sure took a lot of direction from the originators. As an Italian kid growing up in the city you only knew of a few classic immigrant Gelaterias, Sicilian Ice Cream on College Street and La Paloma on St.Clair Avenue. La Paloma has a second location closer to my home in Woodbridge.

From: george n toni kennedy on Jun-20-2003
hey guys its your friends from long island we met at sandals in the bahamas wondering how you guys are doing ?i remembered the name of your ice cream it looks yummy hope you guys are all well and get this message take care of yourselves later george n toni

From: Casanova on Jun-24-2003
Simply the best! If I am in the mood for real Gelato I always go to La Paloma.

From: anonymous on Jun-24-2003
not worth it at all, prices are crazy, best authentic icecream in the city Sicilian Ice Cream on College street

From: cOopz on Aug-11-2003
This is absolutely the best ice cream I have ever tasted. There is also a La Paloma location at Hwy 400 & Hwy 7 in the Piazza Del Sole plaza in Woodbridge.

From: Tarik on Sep-10-2003
Good ice cream, need more stores in downtown! close to king and university would be great!!

From: Lui on Oct-06-2003
La Paloma is very good but too expensive! My background is Italian and I'm in Italy once a year and I feast on ice cream daily when I'm visiting. Hollywood ice cream serves up amazing favourite flavours and the cost rules! You don't have to pay $$ to get good quality and value - try Hollywood on Bayview Ave. $15 for 1.5 litres to take home!

From: Alex Gropper on Nov-08-2003
Terrific ice cream; the best outside Italy

From: blah on Feb-05-2004
yummy yummy...a bit pricey but it's allllll good!! Love the chocolate soya....need a store in markham!!!

From: Leigh on Feb-24-2004
Freshest and most flavourful in the city. Like all exceptional things, "you get what you pay for..."

From: adam on Apr-07-2004
im in math class right now and my teacher (mrs. T) was commenting on the ice. she says she loves the ice cream but her husband finishes it all before she gets any. eh wut u gonna do....ferro roachee rocks

From: Ann Manno on May-22-2004
The best..................

From: Corso Italia! on Jun-16-2004
I lovelovelovelovelove La Paloma. It's a great place to eat Gelato. But the prices ARE a bit too high. But it is a great dessert.

From: ada on Jun-17-2004
hey they lowered their prices! single cone/cup - $2.78 double cone/cup - $3.95 large cup - $6.00 that's almost a $1.00 off all of the old prices plus there's no tax on their take home packages! half litre - 9.50 litre -14.25 1.5 litre - 18.00 2 litre 25.00

From: Adriana on Jun-29-2004
Way over priced for an average ice-cream, had much better for alot less.

From: DIDO on Jul-02-2004
I find La Paloma ice cream a little expensive compared to the amount of ice cream. They are very tight with their quantity.

From: Melissa Giangrosso on Aug-03-2004
My husband and I were visiting this weekend and our good friends brought us to La Paloma in Woodbridge. The Ferrero Rocher was to die for!! My husband is Italian and he loved it!!

From: Joseph Cr. on Aug-23-2004
I am from montreal and was in toronto in your St. Claire location, a freind suggested your place for some delicious GELATO. My comment was too bad I can't pack some and take it home. Truly the best I have tasted so far.

From: on Aug-23-2004
mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm good....ya its a little pricey but you get what you pay for!...

From: Grazia on Aug-24-2004
La Paloma Gelateria & cafe is way over priced, if you truly want to try the best italian ice cream in the city - "Sicilian Ice Cream". Not only do you get quality but their prices are affordable.

From: Csilla on Aug-25-2004
I am Hungarian and we have AWESOME icecream just like yours back home. I am SO GLAD I do not have to fly home to have a bit of our icecream. LA PALOMA IS OUT OF THIS WORLD! Thanks for bringing my memories back every time I visit you. YUMMMMM!!

From: MAGDALENA on Oct-26-2004
I love La Paloma's icecream!These Sicilians are the best!!! I work there and I can see how they make the icecream/gelato! I can tell everyone: IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!! Try just once (if you didn't yet),and you'll go there every time to eat the perfect icecream!!! Many people worry about the prices But If you taste the first butter You'll forget about it!!! Believe me!I'm Hungarian,I know what is the BEST!!!!!!!!!! COME!!!!!

From: anonymous on Nov-16-2004
way too expensive, hollywood gelato is way better when you cost value it. they are in the same league as far as quality goes, but the prices. and the HG never bought any of their ice cream from la paloma at any point, this is coming from a former employee.

From: Mike on Dec-09-2004
Outstanding handmade ice cream. The best pistachio I've tasted outside Italy. Probably the best ice cream in the city.

From: Josie on Jan-27-2005
The ice cream at Paloma is fantastic but priciey.We absolutely need a store location to serve the mississauga italians.

From: Guilio on Feb-18-2005
The torrone is to die for, price is fair...Although I have extremely sensitive bowels and am highly lactose intolerant...worth the $4.50, and worth an etremely bad case of the trots!!!!!!!!!!!

From: M. Reeves on May-17-2005
It is simply the best ice cream and gelato I have ever had!!! Well worth the price. You have ruined me for all others....

From: JTO on May-25-2005
Paloma's came highly recommended and after trekking out there through snow last winter - yes, I'm a bit of a gelato nut, I found it extremely disappointing. The quality was sub-standard and expensive! If you have a gelato craving, do yourself a favour and buy yourself some Gelato Fresco from Dominion or Tutti Frutti...also not the best gelato but better than Paloma's!

From: Ana on Jun-06-2005
la paloma is definitely the best!

From: Gerard on Jun-27-2005
The gelato is too expensive, and there are other delicious, high-quality options at other parts of the city at more affordable prices.

From: Ice Cream Fanatic on Jul-09-2005
I've been to Italy and the only place with gelato as good as there is LA PALOMA. I'd pay 3x the already expensive price to eat their gelato. Three words: TO DIE FOR!!!

From: heather on Dec-13-2005
too fricken expensive! and the people that work there are SO rude!!! you should employ people with smiles on their faces and whoa re polite! not the best ice cream...ive had better too expensive! lower the prices and maybe i'll come back!

From: Amadeus on Dec-13-2005
I like La Paloma gelato. Very good and many flavours. They are ridiculously priced though. Anyone wanting a more authentic Italian experience should make the trek to Hamilton. There is a new place called VICI Gelateria & Cafe located in Hamilton's Limeridge Mall. It truly blows La Paloma away and they charge fair prices for their treats. Their staff is also the most friendly customer oriented group you will ever meet. Try their Ferrero Rocher gelato. Blows away La Paloma's.

From: LAA on May-22-2006
I did not like La Paloma gelato because of their unfriendly sellers, high priced, don't accept debit card or credit card despite the ridiculous high prices. The taste (of what i bought) was also not so special. Does not worth the special to trip to their store.

From: Kim on Jul-07-2006
La Paloma is the best place for authentic Italian gelato in Toronto! They have the best flavour selection I have ever seen and the staff make you feel like part of the family!

From: Dan on Jul-17-2006
La Paloma Gelateria & Cafe in Woodbridge is the best gelateria in all of Canada. There workers are cool and there prices are affordable. It is well worth the price and FORRRRRRZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Ed on Aug-11-2006
People who love La Paloma so much probably have never had Gelato in Rome or Venice before. La Paloma is good but not excellent. They also donít use 100% natural ingredients in all their gelato. Itís frozen to hard and the display is boring.

From: Gloria on Aug-16-2006
The prices are rather high at La Paloma considering their gelato isn't very exceptional. Their gelato comes in a lot of flavours and is tasty, but it's not as good as their prices would warrant. Dolce Gelato and Ed's Real Scoop are a couple of places that are comparable in flavour (in fact, Ed's Real Scoop's Tanzanian dark chocolate is probably the best chocolate gelato I've had yet) but with much more reasonable prices. I don't know much about gelato and I'm not a connoisseur, but I have a sense of what is delicious. La Paloma is nice but not worth the cash.

From: Jeff on Sep-08-2006
La Paloma in woodbridge is the best place to be, great atmosphere, great service, decent prices, and the best gelato you will ever find in all of north america. Also, I recently noticed that they have started making very delicious, well decorated, and fulfilling waffles to be had plain, or with different amounts of the great gelato.

From: Gelato Lover on Sep-17-2006
I must say ever since La Paloma Gelateria & Cafe in Woodbridge went under new ownership the service of La Paloma is exceptional. The workers are cool and friendly. I always go to La Paloma in Woodbridge for a treat and recently I tasted one of their waffles. AMAZING!! They even offered chocolate waffles that tasted like a chocolate sponge cake with ice cream! Delicious. Definetly worth it for an extra dollar. You gotta try one. There prices may be a little high but its well worth your while.

From: ilovechocolate on Sep-22-2006
hey guys the scoop is that we've just discovered a new La Paloma. Its on Jane & rutherford .the mall is called Tuscany place outside of Vaughan Mills mall. The Gelato is great like always ,staff is very nice and friendly the waffles are great! The best part of this new store is there are no line ups and they got a huge patio too!!!!

From: mark on Sep-22-2006
Little La paloma tucked away in a corner next to Marcellos pizzeria same guys from St.clair. its great two Patios really nice atmosphere feels like your in italy. I tried this great flavour called Mon cherry undescribable! Im definately bring my friends .Everyone was soo nice go visit its outside the Vaughan mills plaza.

From: ilovechocolate on Sep-29-2006
I couldnt resist i had to go back to La paloma Tuscany place. Its a very welcoming comfortable enviroment. We had some flavoured waffles i had chocolate my friend cinnamon.We even had this really yummy giant chocolate chip sandwich with chocolate gelato you have too try it!

From: bob on Nov-11-2006
It is the best Gelato Place in TO!! We go every chance we get eventhough we live in Oakville.

From: Rossi on Nov-28-2006
Folks, if you want to try the best gelato I have come across in Ontario, go to VICI Gelato & Cafe in Hamilton. They have the best flavours around. Their pistachio is even better than in Italy. They also have some amazing flavours that you can't find at any other gelato place. Stuff like Strawberry Cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher, Blood Oranges, Cookie Dough and Reeses Pieces. I hear they are coming to Toronto too. Can't wait.

From: Rossi on May-13-2007
Bob, VICI Gelato & Cafe just opened in Mangiacake restaurant and cafe on Kerr street in Oakville. its right near lakeshore. Don't waste your time travelling to La Paloma when the best gelato in Ontario is right under your nose. Was there last night. Awesome.

From: anonymous on May-31-2008
I actually was born in Italy, grew up eating the best gelato there was. When I came to canada I heard about La Paloma and let's just say don't waste your time eating MANGIACAKE ICECREAM, put QUALITY first, don't be cheap and treat yourself with the BEST GELATO in toronto, go to LA PALOMA and stop complaing about prices, because it's worth it!

From: SuperJonasDude on Jun-02-2008
Extremely good Gelati for Toronto. Comparable to average quality you might get wandering around to random shops in Florence. No quite as good as the BEST best Florentine [eg. Vivoli just off Piazza Santa Croce] - but with these slow line-ups & at these silly prices, you just know Paloma has little competition over here! Worth driving out a few times a year to explore scruffy, colorful St. Clair West. (This lo-rent area could use a major face-lift, although it may be permanently way-too-Urban with that gigantic wide street and fugly street train tracks. Clean it up locals, it ain't no Danforth for sure. At least there are a few nice places to hang out, Italian, South American etc.)

From: Tom on Jul-15-2008
I have been a fan for many years, but in the last 2 to 3 years I have found that the gelato was not up to par. after further research and talking to some of the servers I found out the gelato is being made cheaper to save costs unfortunatly it acrifices that traditional taste. Now I need to find some one that is not going to skip.

From: Marc on Jul-19-2008
Some of the best gelato in Toronto for sure, there are other stores, but not nearly as good as La Paloma.

From: Francesco on Aug-16-2009
Try Il Gelatiere (Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton). It's far more superior in taste and value. Paloma is over priced for a gelato that is fast deteriorating in taste. It's not what it used to be and it's getting a lot worse. Can't bring myself to go back. After three strikes, they're out! Ciao Paloma!

From: george t on Nov-30-2009
Review I read the Lapaloma write ups and have to agree that the tastes have become more and more artifitial and the atitudes of the location owners seem to have become very negative. This could be why they are being sold as soon as someone buys a location. there is something weird about this

From: susan G on Nov-30-2009
I have grown up with La Paloma Gelato and over the past few years it has become more and more artifitial in flavour. The prices are outrages and the attitude of the servers are very negative. After asking some of the staff it seams that the negativity is coming from upper management. And the goal for profit is greater than the gelato you get these days

From: Ben on Jun-01-2010
My how the mighty have fallen. La Paloma used to be the best gelato in Ontario and now they are pretty close to the bottom. One merely has to look at the gelato to see how poor the quality is. It looks like it has been sitting in their display case for weeks. The reason for this is because it HAS been sitting for weeks. They make their gelato centrally at one location and then ship it to the various locations. Because of this, it is no longer gelato. One of the defining characteristics of gelato is that it is made fresh daily on the premises. Definitely not the case with La Paloma. But you don't really need to know all of this stuff. Just try the gelato and you will see what an inferior product it is. If you want good gelato, go to Il Gelaterie on Mount Pleasant in Toronto. If you are up to the trek to Hamilton, VICI Gelateria & Cafe in Limeridge mall is the closest thing to having a gelato in Italy.

From: George on Mar-07-2011
Something is happening with la Paloma Gelaterias. The gelato is not the same and stores like the ones located in vaughan Mills and on Rutherford seem to be failing with the owner of the location beside Marcelo,s restaurant on Rutherford which has gone Bankrupt. Could it be the fact the gelato is not the same. Even the location at Hwy 7 and Weston road seems to change hands every 6 months. Time to spend my money elswhere.

From: Lara Steinhouse on Apr-16-2011
Love It! Love It! Love It! Friends have been coming here for years, 3 displays full of flavors.

From: Tisha Franklin on Apr-16-2011
Love this place. First hand experience. I'm no blogger and I don't have a bias. Filter all the haters (competition and their employees ganging-up) from the previous comments and your left with a humble little Gelateria in the Heart of Corso Italia (St.Clair West) that has been around since 1967. The area has taken a knocking over the years, but the old store still survives through time. Same owners, same great flavours, same great quality. Yes, a little expensive but what isn't these days...Gas? Hydro? Taxes? Reality check - if you want quality you're going to pay for it, Canadian $ or Italian Euros $ - save yourself the plane ride and try it for yourself. Lemon & Chocolato Combo still my favorite. Toronto Icon for sure

From: FoodieTO on Apr-18-2011
I've been coming to La Paloma since I was a kid. The place always reminds me of summer growing-up. My grandparents always brought me for some Hazelnut gelato - I've been hooked ever since. Other places have a limited selection with only one display of flavors but each La Paloma store I know of has 3 displays. I no longer live downtown but I visit each summer season religiously. I hope they open further east but for now I slide across to the stores up in Vaughan. Institution!!

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