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User Reviews and comments on Soma Chocolatemaker

From: louise on Nov-28-2004
Unbelievably good although somewhat pricey. These chocolates are delicious as well as being true works of art.

From: simone on Dec-22-2004
The best chocolates in town!!! I had to try it after reading a Toronto Life article saying they had the best chocolates in the city. I had the Mayan hot chocolate as a shot, there is nothing else like it in the city, thick, intense, well balanced with spices my jaw dropped, I am now totally addicted. I also took home a box of unusual truffles all of them unbelievable. This shop takes chocolate to a completely new level. I hear they are roasting their own cacao beans to make chocolate from scratch. You can see the chocolatemakers making all their creations right there in the shop. If you have an intense passion for chocolate try'll never look back.

From: leslie on Mar-24-2005
Dave, check out JS bon bons on this site. You have Thomas Hass on your side. Keep up the good work.

From: Alex Belangier on Apr-12-2005
My favourite chocolate store in the city. Casual, laidback, staff really enthusiastic about chocolate. All truffles are individually unique and well defined in flavour, texture, sweetness. The Dark Fire bar which is made from scratch by roasting their own cacao beans is an outstanding chocolate very complex in taste. On a recommendation from one of the staff, bought a bar from Madagascar which is crazy good. Limited to only 6-7 flavours Gelato is made on the premises velvety smooth, best in Toronto better than Paloma or Hollywood. I found the prices to very reasonable for the quality Soma offers, truffles are not as expensive as YB synopsis implies as they are priced per piece not Kg. Dangerous place if you are really into chocolate.

From: k. Miller on May-03-2005
Best chocolate, no comparison. This is the real thing.

From: ashley on Sep-30-2005
this was the best chocolate that i've ever had in my life. the plain chocolate truffles derived from beans from tanzania, etc, are described as having flavours particular to each bean, and when tasting a few back to back, you can really taste the subtle differences. yum... some of their flavoured truffles are amazing - try the following: lemon/ginger dark Venezuelan truffle spicy Mayan dome truffle gianduja ( milk chocolate italian hazelnut truffle) this last one will melt in your mouth, it is so wonderful and magical. after a taste test of ten different truffles (shared with a friend), both of us were positively high.

From: John Elliott on Dec-21-2005
I am outraged. First of all I have no complaint about the quality of the chocolate. My complaint is with the service. On December 2oth I went to purchase chocolate for a group of friends attending a christmas celebration at my house. I have recommended Soma to many people, but today this will end. I went to the counter to find I was being ignored, people walked by me without asking if I could be helped. Finally I asked if I could get service, only to be told that they were busy filling orders. Not one person was attending to the counter. They did take my order with a complaint that I would have to wait half an hour. I said this was unacceptable and that I made a special trip and could not wait for an order that any other business with a counter service would have attended to immediately. This is not the problem. The owner walked by me, scouled and suggested maybe I should shop at Godiva if I wanted service. I called him on this and he continued to argue with me. He told the person behind the counter not to serve me. I thought this only happended on Sienfeld. I did get the chocolates and no thank you for my business. I spent $ 75.00 and feel that the service was insulting. I will not recommend this establishment to anyone. I am disgusted at the disregard of customer service.

From: sonja stewart on Jan-02-2006
Have been to the store many times and the front service has always been top-notch (friendly and very knowledgeable). They took the time to go through the chocolate making process with me and helped me to select the right truffles for presents. The above poster must have done something to really piss these nice people off.

From: D\'Lauver on Aug-24-2006
I, while wandering through distellery, came across this store. What a wonderful experience. Almost half an hour before the store closing, I sat at the counter and were treated like an old friend. Customers walked in bought stuff, chatting, while I sipped my hot chocolate. It was a sheer pleasure.

From: Hubert on Aug-29-2006
The best (chocolate) shot I ever had in my life... whoooh !

From: Sarah B. on Jul-12-2007
My favourites are the chai spiced chocolate covered hazelnuts... and the chocolate covered hand made caramels.... Dark Chocolate Gelato too!

From: Toni E. on Jul-19-2007
Soma's Chocolate fudge walnut cakes are irresistable! The trip to the Distillery district is VERY WORTH it (from Mississauga). It's really good stuff although a little pricey.

From: Cathy on Dec-07-2007
It's all about the chocolate covered orange peel strips! A delicious treat for everyone.

From: Hans on Feb-02-2009
Simply the best chocolate in Toronto - or anywhere. Their single variety Madagascar chocolate bars are the best I've tasted. Worth the trip or the courier cost. Their truffles are the finest and strangest.

From: Dave on Nov-14-2010
the chocolate was excellent, I really enjoyed the lemon ginger, you can really taste the flavours

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