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User Reviews and comments on Vegetarian Haven

From: fieroavian on Feb-04-2004
It's really a lot more than take-out. Vegetarian Haven is a pretty comfortable restaurant to eat-in as well. Cleopatra salad is my favourite, along with purple rice. My buddy really digs their deep fried wonton, though.

From: on May-02-2004
I've been there twice, and though I lament the lack of organic beers and wines, I must say that they have the best burgers I've ever had. Seriously. Though they're tooo big for the average human. BTW, I'm not vegetarian at all, though I don't mind eating at vegetarian places. But this was the best burger, beating out any of the meat based burgers too.

From: Steve on Apr-25-2006
I've been eating braised tofu there since I was a kid... never wandered around the menu but I love the drumsticks and the king prawn... is AMAZING. everyone should try it. and the pie. so moist and yummy,. ugmnmnggmgg.g.hh.h..h

From: I.M. on Jun-25-2006
The food here is always decent. I wouldn't never describe it as amazing. The service is good and the atmosphere is always nice. If you're looking for a vegan restaurant that is hassle-free this is a good bet. I go to Vegetarian Haven often since it is near my home and I don't feel comfortable eating in non-vegan restaurants if I can help it. My favourite item on the menu are the 'steakettes'. The soups are normally good and the carrot cake is great. They used to make really good chocolate cake but they must have changed the recipe because when I had it last it didn't taste that great. Food gets about a 7/10 and the service and atmosphere about 9/10.

From: Helen on Oct-21-2006
I thought the food was terrible. the soup was microwaved and all stuck to the side of the plate.. the fried tofu was bland and so greasy.. the sauce tasted like it had ketchup in it. The dinner special was actually inedible. I will never go again. I recommend Fressen or Udupi Palace anyday.

From: Jessica on Jun-25-2007
Vegetarian Haven is such an amazing resturant. It has a huge menu of great choices for vegetarians for a change!! The Curry Tofu and the cold rolls are my favourite things to order, although anything on their menu would be fine with me! The patio is great to sit out on, in the summer, and is a great place for dates! Hope you enjoy!

From: Lester M on Jul-10-2007
We went and checked this place on Friday and the food was great. Great price, great food, great service. No onions or garlic!!! Hooray!! My only disappointment was that we discovered this place on the last day of our trip.

From: Tracy C on Jul-07-2008
I looved this place! The food was amazing; one of the best vegan dishes I've ever had. I had the sizzling seitan dish and it was packed full of flavours and spices and the purple rice was so satisfying! The restaurant was classy and the waitress was our nutritionist for the night, without being so pretentious. It will not disappoint carnivores!

From: Manda, NY on Jul-17-2008
This is my favorite place to eat on Baldwin. The Birds Nest is my favorite (tofu, shitaki mushrooms peanuts, noodles) because it's so flavorful! My boyfriend is a fan of the seiten burger. You can def. expect to get more than a blah plate of veggies and rice.

From: B on Nov-23-2008
I have heard good things about this restaurant but my experience wasn't as great. The texture of the seitan was awful. It was very airy and not at all meat-like. It was paired with an orange pineapple sauce that did nothing for the dish as it was much too sweet. The crispy fried tofu was extremely bland and it's sauce was too thin to cling to the tofu. The marble vanilla cheese cake was also very bland and the texture was not anything like cheesecake. I literally felt as if I was sticking a spoon into a package of plain silken tofu. The coulis was also too sour and not sweetened. On the upside, the Shanghai noodles were quite good. I don't think I would go back to Vegetarian Haven as I was not happy with any of the three courses.

From: Carrie on Nov-30-2008
It's like westernized chinese food that is over-priced I mean pineappy sauce? (if you've ever been to China, pineapple sauce is only seen in fancy restaurants - not everyday real chinese food)

From: Lil Vegetarian on Apr-16-2009
I enjoyed my experience at Vegetarian Haven even if it's mixed. I had the tofu drumsticks which tasted good with the sauce it was served with. It's a bit crispy on the outside and then tender on the inside. The Shanghai noodles which was delicious too and for dessert I went a little overboard and ordered the carrot cake, rhubarb pie and chocolate cake. The carrot cake was moist and yummy, the rhubarb pie was okay, the crust was not flaky enough but the pie altogether was okay. The chocolate cake was too dry for me but there was enough chocolate in it which was nice. I would visit VH again to try the other dishes and desserts. And I'm happy to fine a restaurant where I can actually have some type of dessert.

From: EOD on May-14-2009
I went to Vegetarian Haven once for dinner and loved it!! I went back for take out on my lunch and the food was fantastic. I eat meat and am not a vegetarian, but I like the variety of vegetarian foods. If I could cook the tofu like cooked at this restaurant, I could easily become a vegetarian. Of the two dishes I had I could not say one was better then the other, as they were both very good, and incredibly tasty.

From: Guest on Jul-07-2009
Delicious food… Unfortunately you cannot say the same for the staff and their service. A group of us goes there frequently for lunch and we always had great service and enjoyed their delicious food. On July 7, 09 we went for lunch and showed at the restaurant’s doors at 11:55 am. The tables were all set inside and the waitress was finishing off setting up the last table on the patio. As we were entering the restaurant to have a seat inside a waitress approached us and told us that the restaurant is still closed and will open in 10 minutes. Then she turned around and continued with her business ignoring us completely. I was shocked that it never occurred to her to offer us a seat to wait for 10 min until the kitchen open, which we were more than willing to do…..Instead we went to another restaurant on Baldwin and had a great meal. I thought her bahaviour was very rude and unwelcoming. I will think twice before going there again.

From: leslie on Jul-12-2009
I finally got to visit this restaurant after months of hearing about it from neighbours. It was a Friday evening and it wlooked quite apparent that rush was going on. But that didnt stop the waitress from taking a breather to run down some of the items on their menu. She was very sweet and was very good at checking up on us. We ordered the drumsticks and the avocado rolls to start and they both ended up tasting surreal! I had the curry pad thai as my main and as a pad thai enthusiast, that was probably the best curry pad thai i've ever had in my life. My partner ended up deciding on the buddhas delight which he found surprisingly delightful, even with the red dates. We literally finished our entire plate and even had room for their popular 'cheese'cake, which was mindblowing yummy; of course it didnt taste like or melt like cheese, but it definitely was rich and decadent enough to die for. Service was amazing and food was just superb.

From: Hulya Heeney on Jul-19-2010
I think the food and the people who are serving food are superb in this place! Reataurant is closed between certain hours to prepare for the night and also for waitress and cooks to have rest. I did not see this respect to workers in any other place before. I thought, this must be the difference of a bussiness run by spiritual people. I would definitelly recoment this romantic and cute restaurant even if you are not vagen or vegetarian; that might be an opportunity to experience how food can be delicious without meat! ;-)

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