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User Reviews and comments on Jules

From: Laurence on Feb-13-2004
Its good food and quick service. Excellent for a work day lunch.

From: Lievre on Aug-05-2004
Nice creme brulee! :)

From: sam on Sep-14-2005
I love their chicken crepe, its the best.

From: Sunny on Dec-14-2005
ok food and terrible service. I went here with my friends and ordered a glass of wine, and the waitress forgot to bring wine until the main dish. I asked if I could have drinks first, then the waitress yelled at me saying 'do you want food or drink? you want your food cold?' I would never go there again with that rude attitude and unprofessional service.

From: Alain on Jan-14-2006
Great service, great food, reasonable prices. Will definitely come back.

From: John on Jul-31-2006
Called ahead because it was near to closing time. They stayed open and made me a great meal. This place is a terrific bargain and the food is addictive. If you like French bistros you will feel right at home. I head there every time I am in Toronto.

From: Stéphanie on Aug-09-2006
I love this place! The food is always excellent and satisfying. The fries are some of the best in town, and the service is cheerful. Un vrai bistro!

From: Julie on Feb-03-2007
I love Jules! Best chefs on the planet...foood is DELICIOUS AND FRESH, service is awesome, I love it! it's one of my favourite places in T.O. !!!! I recommed it to every one who reads this comment!

From: Nicola Moore on Mar-08-2007
I love bringing my friends and co-workers to Jules Restaurant! I work down the street from this awesome place and I eat there about once a week. I am addicted to thier quiche and fries. They have a great wine selection and the staff is so friendly that it makes me keep coming back. You should go!

From: Steve on Feb-20-2008
I have been coming to Jules for roughly 5 years and I have never had a bad experience, or even a mediocre experience. The food is fantastic, the service is great. Definitely one of my favourite restaurants. My personal preferences are the grilled chicken breast or the chicken sautee. But I have heard great reviews for their quiche and their salmon.

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