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User Reviews and comments on Chocolates and Creams

From: Kim MacDougall on Nov-26-2003
I have to disagree with the previous comment on this site, as I found the imported chocolates to be absolutely heavenly! Perhaps not to satisfy your cravings en masse, but a rare treat, none-the-less. Highly recommended.

From: STEPHEN MARCHMENT on Apr-13-2004
As a self confessed chocoholic, I must protest the low rating assigned to this store. I have spent many wonderful hours with my guests enjoying these very same chocolates that are hand made from Belguim and I find them quite delightful. No doubt some are of a more pleasing taste to one palate over another. The ice cream is just super and the staff very friendly.

From: mary from new jersey on Aug-05-2004
the ice cream was divine but what made the experiance even more special were the wonderful staff, the little irish girl emur was a a pure delight.

From: Eva Dagmar on Oct-22-2004
Dear Matthew I just wanted to thank you so very much for the exquisite truffles you provided for my special birthday party two weeks ago. They were a prefect accompaniant to the champage we had for toasting. The compliments on your truffles have continued even after the champagne was tasted and the truffles savoured. You truley have a one-of-a-kind product! Add to this your warm, attentive, knowledgable service and I am sure Manon will become a household name here in Toronto. Best of luck Matthew and thank you so much once again for adding to my day.

From: Linda on May-26-2007
Absolutely delicious chocolates, and yummy ice cream. Great service, lovely staff, especially the scots lass Jenn, she's always smiling. Well done!

From: anne on Jul-06-2009
I bought an Opera Cake from Chocolatease. what a big untastiness with my first bite! it was blue/green mold mould. very harmful. not safe to eat. When I went to the store to return almost whole mouldy cake, I couldn't get a chance to let the owners how I found "the cake". I feel sick just thinking about it.

From: Andrew on Aug-24-2009
Wonderful chocolate! Great way to get your date full of energy! These chocolates might be expensive in large quantities, but they make a great impression! Perfect for any romantic occassion! Just one chocolate will have people begging for more. Try the brandy cherry, it's my favourite.

From: Paul on Aug-24-2009
Re: anne That is a different store anne. Your review is posted on the wrong store. Choclates and creams only sell ice cream and chocolates.. Which are both wonderful! I'm a fan on facebook.

From: anne on Jan-05-2010
It is the one which located in Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood in Toronto. Chocolatease - Homemade Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Bars, Cakes, Pastries, Cookies....

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