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User Reviews and comments on Le Gourmand Grocer Cafe

From: Glenn Chiasson on May-25-2003
wow..this is the coolest thing since sliced bread.tres cool

From: anonymous on Jun-26-2003
Great atmosphere, but service lets something to be desired. The worst decaf coffee I have ever had. One should probably stick to the regular coffee. Customer service is French-style.

From: Milton Nunes, Partner on Jul-05-2003
We have not been brewing drip decaf coffee, we brew decaff "Americano style", this does make a more bitter coffee. We will change this immediatly and brew it drip for those who preffer decaff. We also brew Illy, Dean & Deluca, a rotating daily feature(Sumatra, Kenya,Ethiopian) as well as our house blend on a daily basis, this gives our customers some of the best coffee selection anywhere in the city. AS for the service, we are quite new at this and are still getting use to some things. We have been meeting with a consulting team and hope to implement some changes that will allow us to offer excellent customer service. In the meantime we do the best that we can and concentrate on providing our guests with great food. Thank-you for your comments and we appreciate feedback from our customers. Sincerely, Milton Nunes President

From: ms dinis on Jul-18-2003
my first experience at le gourmand was truly delightful, i had their famous capuccino and chocolate croissant, then became a true glutten and had a waffle cone with lemon gelato. i told all my friends about my experience and now its our favourite cafe in the city.

From: felicia macdamon on Jul-18-2003
my first visit to Toronto took me to this beautiful european style cafe, what a blessing, the croissants, coffee, gelato, cookies, groceries, i bought it all, give me more. Excellent, i will be back.

From: chocolateroom on Oct-16-2003
We visited the cafe recently and was dissapointed with the avocado and egg sandwich, it needs some flavour! The two line-ups are abit confusing, one for food and the other for drinks clear signs for the first time customers. If they could offer more couverture chocolates from Cacao Barry or Lindt that would be great! Atmosphere is great.

From: katherine kenzi on Oct-18-2003
A couple of us ordered 3 different kinds of hot chocolate drinks and were dissapointed that they tasted almost the same! It`s either they did not put enough of the fancy chocolate powder or perhaps they just don`t taste as good as it seems to be.....especially with names like dark Venezuelan, Poulains 60% cacao etc......where`s the chocolate flavor?!! october 18th 2003 12pm.

From: Mrs McLean on Oct-24-2003
Excellent staff, delicious pastries and coffee. I love this place and hope it continues to grow. yum yum!

From: Veronika Cox on Dec-18-2003
I appreciate the great products at reasonable prices. The staff is always friendly, and the quality of the prepared foods is unquestionable. Thank you to owner Milton Nunes!

From: Leslie Jones on Feb-29-2004
I love it! They seem to have the best of everything from chai lattes ( sorry starbucks, not a chance! ) to chocolate croissants, a delicious and healthy lunch menu and creative gifts, with a basket service to boot! The staff is fantastic and the owner is a genius! I've never seen so much thought and effort go into a cafe, and it is well appreciated by all the local residents! Keep the good stuff coming, Gourmand!

From: Michelle Green on Aug-10-2004
What a wonderful find, the bichon are best! The most wonderful staff from all over the world. Warm and friendly. I hope to see more Gourmand's appearing soon!

From: Mrs. Spadafora on Oct-18-2004
I love the vanilla tea. The pastries are marvellous. But, I have found that the teas are not always in stock. Very dissapointing when you travel a distance to purchase it by the box.

From: Mike Pizzuti on Oct-28-2004
Wow! Just returned home after a weekend in Toronto, and the hands-down highlight was our breakfast (both days) at Le Gourmand. We spent August in Europe, and Le Gourmand's pastries are the closest thing to Paris's delights this side of the Atlantic! The pain au chocolat is keeping me up at night dreaming... The Bichon (sp?) was also amazing. Great coffee and very friendly service too. Can't wait to go back!

From: anon.. on Nov-14-2004
I have been to this cafe many times and believe it is one of the best!!! The service is amazing, the food just as good, and the owner amazing for everything he has put together. I would reccomend this cafe strongly to anyone!!! Try the lemon bichon, its my personal favorite.

From: a neighbor on Dec-25-2004
I live right in the neighborhood and visit every saturday or sunday morning for my coffee and their fruit and homemade yogurt. Such a treat and extrememly relaxing to sit and read. A great way to start a weekend day. Atmosphere can not be beat.

From: leslie begout on Jan-18-2005
i have been to really nice cafes in paris and le gourmand in my opinion is a copy cat, they don't produce real authentic product, everything is bought from suppliers, i want to see them make their own croissants and ice cream.

From: Milton Nunes on Jan-19-2005
Hello Leslie, I am extremely honoured that you would compare Le Gourmand to what I would assume would be the world's best cafes in Paris. Unfortunatelly I have never been to Paris and therefore I would not know of any similarities. Le Gourmand was conceived in my head over the period of almost 3 years. I have never seen anything like it anywhere. The name suggests that it be a French cafe but in fact we carry products from all over the world. The name I came across on a trip to Australia where I found a great little BUTCHER called Gourmand Deli. No similarities to LE Gourmand. So your theory of it being a copy cat is totally wrong. What is also wrong is the fact that you think that we have no "authentic product" and that "everyhting is bought from suppliers". That couldn't be further from the truth. Everything is made in house, fresh using quality ingredients. Soups, salads, sandwiches, stews and all other prepared food items are made right here, 7 days a week. As for the Gelato, we bring that in from La Paloma (seasonal) the city's best gelato since 1967. Why would you want to see us make our own when we are already providing our customers with the very best. The Pastry: some is brought in from Dessert Trends and some is brought in from Francois Rahier. Two of the city's top pastry chefs. Both small artisianal shops that make everything from scratch. Everything is finished and baked off here at LE GOURMAND. We also make alot of pastry ourselves from scratch. I addition we strive to offer and provide our customers with the best products that we can find, from Dean & Deluca coffees (exclusive to out strore) to Max Brenner drinking chocolates (also exclusive to us) to a wide variety of hard to find gourmet products from around the world. I'm sorry that you left here with the wrong impression. Next time your in the neighbourhood please stop in and ask for me, I would love to speak to you to try to find out how I could possibly better service my customers. Your Truly, Milton Nunes President

From: Jim S on Feb-18-2005
I have been going to Le Gourmand for many months now and absolutely love it. The food is great, as well as the espresso. I'm very picky about service, and the girls are always incredibly friendly and a pleasure to chat with. Definitely reccomend this place to anyone looking for a relaxing setting. Great job, Gourmand!

From: Daniel Bakala on Feb-28-2005
I have been all over the world. From Amsterdam to Australia. I have visited some incrediable shops, in my time. However I have never been to a shop quite like this. This Le Gourmand as its called, just blew me away. Oh my God, how does this guy do it. Whats his secret?He must be of made a deal with the devil. You have got go there. I tell ya, It was like their was a party in my mouth and you were all invited. Push over Le French GUY, MISTER GOUUUURMANNNNNNNNNN IS HERE! to whip your souffle

From: Shane Right on Feb-28-2005
I just want to say that the service was excellent and the coffee was amazing! The setup in the store (like all of your stores) was clean and uniform, just as I like it. The baristas were pleasant but efficient, saving me from awkward small talk. I also liked all of the additional merchandise you have for sale, including your variety of coffee beans and your after-coffee mints (although, because I was only ordering a Frappucino that day, I didn't need them). In short, thank you for creating the coffee "experience" for me, that you claim fame to. By the way, would it be possible to get some kind of Starbucks voucher for being such a loyal customer? Just kidding! Keep it up!

From: Joshua Marchand on Feb-28-2005
Just saying, stopping though the T-O is a must on any long road trip in my convertible. Besides the eclectic buzz of downtown, your little shop is a beacon in a concrete wasteland. And the drinks!! I had cosmopolitans until I couldn't stand! I was eager to try the wine list because it was very impressive, but there'll be time for that in the future; I have to visit New York soon and redecorate my studio! In the meantime, I'll make sure to recommend you to all of my friends as one of the nicest bars I'VE ever been to :)!!

From: Joseph on May-20-2005
Moved into the area, was told it was good food, but outrageously priced. I just went, got a nice salad. 12 dollars!!!??? It wasn't *that* big... Sorry La Gourmand. That's nuts. J

From: Milton on Aug-26-2005
Hey Joshua, sorry but you don't have the right Le gOurmadn. Perhaps you're reffering to the Le Gourmand in Saettle. No alcohol at this Gourmand, nevr has, never will. Hmmm I guess one should never say never...

From: Milton on Aug-26-2005
J, we take pride in giving our customers tones of great ingredients with their salads. We basically have two types: A la carte where you order a salad from the board and we pack it with tones of fresh toppings and home made dreessings and then we have Bulk salad from our salad bar which you pay for by weight. Compared to similar establishments that make everything fresh on premises and charge by weigh (Epicure cafe at holt renfrew, Pusateri;s, Dish, Alll the best...) our prices are very reasonable. We give you the good stuff, unlike other establishments that make you believe that your getting a good salad but instead all you're really doing is EATTING LETTUCE! Milton

From: Antonia on Mar-08-2006
I was looking for a nice place to have desserts with some friends close to Queen and Spadina and found Le Gourmand. We tried two of the cakes: a mocha cake and a strawberry mousse cake. They looked lovely but sorry, we were disappointed in their texture and taste. There were only three cakes to choose from that day as well. I decided to try their pastries instead and the almond croissant turned out to be pretty good. I liked the flaky pastry they used for the croissant. I don't think I'd go back however. I found it to be a bit overpriced for what it is.

From: Marc on Apr-05-2006
Great place for an afternoon coffee and pastry!

From: Friend on Jan-11-2007
The Le Gourmand Grocer Cafe is looks great and good food. The coffee is smooth and good, I tryed it today. I am happy. Thank You

From: mmmmmGOOD on Jan-30-2007
very good food MMMMMMMMgoodMMMMMMMM

From: Navdeep Gill on Apr-03-2007
I am so glad there is a location at Yonge/Bloor. Hits: cafe au lait, coffee, and the croissants & cookies and the reasonable prices. Misses: opera cake

From: New Yorker living in Toronto on Sep-04-2007
As a homesick New Yorker now living in Toronto, I have to thank Le Gourmand. The quality of the food is excellent. My faves are the Cobb salad, meat loaf, chocolate chip and Nookie cookies. Most of all, I don't have to travel to Soho to get Dean & Deluca products anymore! Thanks Milton!

From: Jo on Dec-19-2007
I am a daily at the Yonge and Bloor location. Butter croissant and small coffee for $2.49! I always have exact change (well... $2.50) in my pocket ready to go. Though sometimes I switch it up with a pain du chocolat or berliner. The staff at this location are excellent - friendly, efficient and very accomodating. Last week, I enquired about the Bonania cocao mix you have on display and the server informed me that it's not for sale. Milton, can you tell me where I can get my hands on a few boxes? Thanks. Also, might you consider bringing your storefront out of the dingy Hudson Bay foodcourt and onto the Bloor street level? And perhaps add cafe style seating? None of the other cafes in the area compare to your quality of food and service - not Cafe Supreme, Cultures, or Piazza Manna. Thanks for making my day! Jo

From: Marc on May-26-2008
I got a stale custard tart today, usually they're fresh. Hope it will be only one time...

From: Denise on Jun-11-2008
I really loved the sandwich I had Monday, It was great. I have lots of friends who love the place to.

From: Martin Riggs on Jun-22-2008
I absolutely love this place, I can't find a single thing wrong with it, the food is out of this world and the quality of service and professionalism has improved greatly over the last month or two - must have been a change in management, will definitely recommend this store to all my friends

From: Amanda on Apr-29-2009
i love this place. i have been a regular customer for the past 3 years and I have always received friendly service form the staff. The quality of the food is never questionable and the ambience can't be beat.

From: Rodney on May-02-2009
Finally, a place that serves up good food at reasonable prices. I am so happy that i work close by. Awesome!!!

From: Sam on Jun-25-2009
This is my favourite place to have a coffee and relax. It's a great place to grab a light lunch and just sit back and people watch.

From: Marcia on Jun-25-2009
I love le gourmand. The pastries are baked throughout the day and are amazing and allways fresh and they have excellent espresso.

From: Dominic on Nov-02-2009
this was in fact, love at first bite! Initially intrigued by the superior flow of customers in comparison to the Starbucks two doors down (Spadina and Richmond location), my first visit converted me to a full time LeGourmand customer. From their amazing coffee to their wide range of pastries and delicacies offered on the lunch menu, LeGourmand goes above and beyond the expectations that we as a society have been forced to submit to. The lack of substance provided to us by these corporational competitors who neglect quality in order to further fill their pockets are no match for what LeGourmand has to offer. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that the expansion of more LeGourmand locations would be a benefit to us all!

From: james on Mar-05-2010
Obviously you dont know the owners or management, if so you would know they expanded and failed, and the owner blames it on the customers. However the customers will tell you otherwise.The place is lacking in many ways, and is in line with corporational values in the lies and deciet they promote.They are not much better than starbucks, and in fact play a cheating game of offering starbuck drinkers a voucher for free coffee. They hire people to stand near starbucks to give them a le gourmand voucher, while not offering this to non starbuck drinkers. They prefer you cover you starbucks cup too if you walk into their business.Their food is not overly healthy, if you were to eat the deserts you would surely aid yourself into a heartattack. The place lacks service, honesty and many other thing. The staff is lazy, inconsiderate, and rude,the management is selfish and immature and so is the owner.

From: James on Mar-05-2010
read the toronto life review for more recent customer reviews and Mr. nunes take on things. Its funny.

From: anonymous on May-10-2010
James, seems like you went through alot of trouble to write your comment. Le Gourmand has expanded and done extremely well doing so. The Eglinton location was closed not because the business model didn't work but for reasons that you are not aware of. As far as the management and the owner your comment leads me to believe that you know them personally, do you? I live in the Morgan building and Starbucks constantly stands in front of Le Gourmand sampling their drinks so its fair that Le gourmand try to play the same game. Its is common for any restaurant not to allow outside food or drink, so why should you be allowed to take your starbucks beverage into Le Gourmand? The food is healthy and the desserts are all made with quality ingredients. You obviously have a hidden agenda.

From: Sarah on Jun-28-2010
Anonymous???Hidden agenda??Anonymous???Hidden Agenda??? Hmmm...expanding le gourmand??? They just shut all their doors for every location due to poor business planning!!

From: Charles on Apr-21-2011
Good cookies. Terrible service. No system for managing lineups. Total chaos. If you order lunch to stay, they sometimes (if they feel like it) give you a number and bring your food (good idea) but sometimes just leave it on the counter and YELL, (um, bad idea) which you can't really hear from your table over the general din. Have been putting up with the terrible service for years, but I'm over it. For what their cookies cost, I can just learn to bake.

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