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User Reviews and comments on Dessert Trends / DT Bistro-Patisserie

From: #1 on Feb-11-2003
Very nice, everthing sounds so delicious!!!

From: louise on Feb-16-2003
We sampled their chocolate raspberry and pecan tarts at the LCBO at Royal and Bloor--outstanding!! I can't wait until they open a store of their own.

From: mellany on Apr-12-2003
I recently purchased the Opera cake from Dessert Trends and the presentation was beautiful and sophisticated. Each of the decorative elements were made of the highest quality products and equally delicious. Now to the cake, each bite was savoured and enjoyed by all who had a piece. The only draw back is that Dessert Trends does not have a fully functioning retail outlet, as of yet. In spite of this problem, you can call ahead to order a cake for pick-up.

From: Happy Bride on Jul-10-2003
Dessert Trends is amazing. They recently did my wedding cake and everyone says it's the most beautiful cake they have ever seen. Our caterer said that "it's not a cake. It's a sculpture". And that's exactly what it is. We had a 3 layer white cake with raspberries and buttercream that was wrapped in ruffled white chocolate. It was absolutley amazing. Not only did it look great, but tasted awesome as well.

From: Catherine on Nov-18-2003
Definitely the place for best pastry & cake in Toronto! Only best quality material used.

From: cynthia on Jan-06-2004
we had just ordered a baptismal cake , the christening was sunday jan 04/04, my guests were impressed. the cake was beautiful. i don't feel i couldv'e asked for better. it was beyond what we were expecting. my grandaughters baptism was a great success. i highly recommend the bakery to everyone. if you want something different and outstanding this is the place. don the owner was a pleasure to work with.

From: Guillermo on Jan-15-2004
We used Don for our wedding. Aside from us, the cake got the second most attention. It was stunning to look at and delicious to eat. We had children and adults alike coming up to the cake and asking if it was real, then taking pictures of it. After a lot of looking around for cakes we found the pricing to be extremely competitive and Don and ease to deal with. I would highly recommend any one shopping around for special occasion cakes (or any for that matter) to make this place one of your can not go wrong.

From: saman on Jul-07-2004
I've had Dessert Trends cakes over the last 2 years. They are absolutley incredibe! I finally visited their shop and its a small artisan-style bakery where the bakers make the whole cake - no factory style baking. The bakers do everything from cracking the eggs, mixing the batter to taking it out of the oven. I definately recommend them.

From: anonymous on May-30-2005
Excellent - best cakes in Toronto. I wouldn't go anywhere else for birthday cakes or cakes for celebrations.

From: Daniel on Sep-09-2005
I've had cakes and pastries from Dessert Trends for years now. Their wedding cakes are the best in Toronto! It's not full of fake ingredients like some factory stores, but hand made with genuine imported ingredients. Now that they've finally opened a retail outlet I can't be any happier. I highly recommend that you at least try it out before deciding.

From: Bug on Oct-05-2005
I had a Tiramisu last year for my beau's birthday cake and went back again this year. We've been having tiramisus in all the Italian restaurants we've been to this year, and nothing compares. They filled my order within 24 hours (my bad, last minute arrangements). Staff was super nice, though finding them was a bit difficult. It is such a deal buying from them directly. Highly recommended.

From: Ming on Jan-17-2006
Is this the same Dessert Trends that recently opened at Harbord and Brunswick?

From: Terry-Anne on Jan-17-2006
Wow ... I was at Dessert Trends Cafe at 154 Harbord St (at Brunswick) on the weekend and was amazed with what I saw and tasted. Chef Don is incredible ... his pastries are to die for! The lunch was awesome ... possibly the most delicious and wholesome meal I've had in a real long time. The place is quite busy from noon till 2:00 ... so i'll be going after 2:00 in future weekends. It is the same business as the Weston Rd location. It has been nicely written up in several newspapers recently ... but it took me a couple of months to make the little trip there. Chef Don got the top prize at the Culinary Olympics in 2004. Fresh pastries and croissants come down to the Harbord location in the morning. Things are going so well there that I heard talk of another Dessert Trends location in a few months. I lived for six months in Paris ... and feel that being at Dessert Trends is like a fast trip to Paris.

From: Lisa on Jun-01-2006
I picked up some assorted pastries and a 7" cake (chocolate passion !) on Sunday morning for a suprise birthday party. They looked amazing and tasted even better. Everyone raved about them. I now where to get a great whenever I need one. thanks Dessert Trends for making the party memmorable

From: Beth on Nov-11-2006
My husband and I have heard so many great things about your cakes, pastries and weekend brunch. We were amazed with your brunch last Sunday ... we don't know of a better place in town for brunch. Two days later we just had to try your place for dinner ... and to our surprise it was even better than the brunch. We can't wait till you get your liquor license. We'd be a lot happier if you were in the north part of the city. Thanks for being here!

From: Pierre on Mar-07-2007
Awesome!!! The lunch and brunch at DT Bistroare amazing. I'm really looking forward to them openning in late March for dinner. Hopefully they'll have their liquour license and corkage option soon. The exceptional pastries, bread and biscotti (the best in the GTA) were originally what brought me there in January ... but it's the lunch and brunch that I enjoy the most now. It's a real unique culinary delight that we Torontonians should be extra poud of! Thanks DT!

From: Angela Darling on Jul-23-2007
Dessert Trends does offer some of the loveliest treats to be had - but be prepared to shell out $15 -$20 for a small smoothie or latte and dessert. A bit too pricey for what you get. The staff was courteous but kept changing the price of the smoothie which was advertised at $4 and ended up costing $5 plus tax. The desserts were yummy but again - at $8.00 a pop - they should be. Not for those on a budget.

From: Sandra on Aug-27-2007
10+++ Wow ... what a place! I live in Oakville but have heard many great things about Dessert Trends in the past year from several good friends ... but it wasn't till yesterday that I was finally able to truly 'experience' the place. It was quite busy in the afternoon but quieted around 3:00. There is so much to experience there. The French Toast is definitely the best I've ever had in my life (and I've tasted French Toast at over 50 places in US, Canada and France). To my delight the Chef has recently introduced gelato and ice cream ... which is equally impressive. The Chef lived in Italy a few years ago and created some amazing new flavours there. We also tried the apple galette and raspberry tart (mmmm!). I saw the Gold Medals that the Chef won at the most prestigious culinary cometition in the world ... the 2004 World Culinary Olympics. Not sure why the papers haven't discovered this place yet. The servers were friendly and quite helpful (for such a unique Patisserie/Bistro). When they're licensed in October I'll certainly be going there for my monthly ladies night out dinners. Thanks DT ... please consider opening another store in Oakville ... we'll welcome you with open arms!!!!!!!

From: Ioana Bertrand on Nov-04-2007
We went for a late lunch on a Friday, attracted by the desserts. Although the food and desserts are in general delicious and very beautifully presented, the waiting times and poor service make the prices seem expensive. It's really a shame, the food deserves better treatment - surely even young staff can be trained to be faster and aware of their customers. [We waited, standing, for 10 minutes to be seated, although 3 tables were unoccupied, because the staff would not clean them up, then we were left for another 13 minutes to languish without a menu, and there was a 25 min. gap between the meal proper and the desserts!] The onion soup was great, but looked mangled from having been spilled all over the rim of the bowl in its travel to the table. The mushroom soup tasted good but was too thin, not creamy enough, and the added oil made unpleasant puddles on its surface. The poorly designed porcelain soup spoons should be replaced with normal cutlery a.s.a.p.! The sandwich was generous and interesting, the peppers with goat cheese just right, and the fresh, fragrant salad dressing made the unusual/ decorative sprouts all the more enticing! The desserts are a delight, in both presentation, taste and originality, and worth the visit on their own merit, although the sterile, spare, modernistic decor does not prepare the patron for how noisy the whole place is... Kudos to the chef - but train your staff!

From: Marc & Rene on Feb-08-2008
We took our mothers to DT Bistro yesterday for lunch and we all just loved it. We got our wedding cake done by Chef Don in '06 and people are still talking about it. The Bistro/Patisserie is so clean and well decorated. We each chose a different item for lunch, which was smart, since everything there is great and reasonably priced. We even tried some gelato flavours on the wintery day and enjoyed it as well. We'll be going back on Sunday to try out their Brunch which we hear is also exceptional. The servers Jennifer and Laura are pleasant, fast and appear rightfully proud of to be working in such a unique place in Toronto. We're looking forward to trying their dinner in April when they'll be licensed.

From: Marc & Rene on Feb-14-2008
As planned we did return on Sunday to try out the highly acclaimed Brunch. Wow! Unfortunately we arrived at 1:00 and had to wait fifteen minutes to be seated. The wait was well worth it. The four of us again tried different menu items and were extremely pleased with everything. We've concluded that everything the Chef makes is impressive. The croque monsieur and French toast were our favourite but we will be back to try other options. We have no idea how one Chef can be so talented making so many pastries, cakes, gelato, lunch, brunch and dinner and many other things. We couldn't help but look around in the bright room to see so many innovative dishes and grateful customers and to discover why this place is becoming so popular. If we didn't get our wedding cake from Don we would likely never have discovered the place. If you go on the weekend we suggest you go before noon. Thanks Chef Don and thanks YummyBaguette!

From: Mathew on Jul-19-2008
It's great to see that DT Bistro finally got their liquor license. They have a nice selection of wine and beers. The place is a great place at night to bring friends, since I always know that whoever I bring will be equally impressed with the charm, pastries, gelato and whatever may be on the menu. Hopefully they'll starting serving complete dinners soon since their lunch and brunch items are all awesome. I've never tried their dinner menu but have heard from others that it is where the Chef can best expose his incredible talents. I was told that he's moving to NYC next year to run a Patisserie/restaurant but hope that he will not go.

From: Melissa on Aug-18-2008
Princess for a Night On June 29th, Dessert Trends made my 40th birthday wishes come true! As a gift to family and friends, I rented out Dessert Trends to celebrate my 40th birthday in style. And what style it was! From the three-plated appetizer to the extraordinarily superb entrees, to the best gelato I've ever tasted, the event was seamlessly orchestrated. And, in true Chef Don style, the cake was a masterpiece--designed and decorated to fit my personal tastes and style. It was my dream birthday party and DT made my dreams come true. From beginning to end, Chef Don, Wayne and the whole DT staff made me feel special, and I know my guests felt the same way. I will be forever grateful!

From: Linda on Dec-04-2008
I Had my annual luncheon party yesterday and I have to say that the highlight of the event was definitely the Yule Logs (Bche de Nol) that Dessert Trends made. They make the best Yule Logs in Toronto or any city that I have ever lived in. I was surprised to hear that they have been making such for over ten years. I seemed to be the only person that had never heard of Dessert Trends. The selection of mini-French pastries were divine and the specialty cookies and biscotti were equally exceptional. Im looking forward to visiting their Patisserie over the holidays. Kudos to the Pastry Chef for doing such an impressive job and thanks for getting us into the festive spirit.

From: George on Dec-27-2008
My family just love everything that DT makes ... and our holiday festivities were enjoyed more because of the many pastries, cookies and treats that we had. Thanks DT and Best Wishes for another great years!

From: YumYum on Jan-02-2009
Just got a raspberry cheesecake from the retail store on Hartford (downtown Toronto). It was delicious. Not only that but the presentation beautiful, cost $30... which i thought was quite reasonable for a 7" cheesecake. Anyways, will be going back, service is exceptional, offered complementary snacks and coffee/tea.

From: Caroline on Feb-27-2009
the best winterlicious in Toronto Four of us had an absolutely amazing dining experience earlier this evening. We had dinner at DT Bistro and all agreed that it was the best Prix Fixe meal in years. I'll be back again, perhaps each week, since the incredible price of $25 is has been extended till the end of March. We came knowing how great the pastries were but were amazed to discover that the dinner menu items were all of the same caliber too. There are so many choices for each of the dishes. Thanks DT for treating us so well ... and to Julia for choosing the location for dinner!!

From: Tim on Mar-01-2009
I agree - the food at DT Bistro is awesome. The main dishes were a pleasnt surprise (especially the lamb shank and steak! Wish I knew about this place a year ago.

From: complainant on Sep-19-2009
i just got a cake from there and the servers there were very polite, but the owners wife, jiajia or something lacks any customer service skills or social skills for that matter. My complaint was with the writing on the cake, it was not to my liking and i asked if it could be redone. Jiaja said that's the way it is written. I said i didn't care what the excuses were all i wanted to know is what can you do about it? Then a kind server mentioned getting another chocolate card but jiaja glared at her and said "can i help you" in an rude and arrogant tone. BUT the server made a great suggestion and jiajia neeeds to stay out of sight of the customers because her poor attitude and smug demeanor makes me want to boycott. aside from this stupid stupid woman, it has good servers and good food. keep up the good work chef Duong but keep your wife away from the customers!

From: complainant on Sep-19-2009
sorry i forgot to mention that from the time i got the cake jiajia was rude and defensive that i disliked the cake. her overall tone from start to finish was ridiculous.

From: Happy Susan on May-19-2010
Best place in Toronto for Bridal Showers. Thanks to a google search last month my girl friend and I discovered Dessert Trends. The servers were friendly, the place/atmosphere amazing, the price very reasonable and the food spectacular and beyond our expectations. The weather was nice and so all of the doors were open. The bride to be felt like a real princess ... and she deserved to have such an experience. We went with the Afternoon tea option and were very pleased. One of the ladies has already booked ahead for a baby shower party for a similar experience since it's hard to get a group booking. Thanks DT - Susan!

From: Ruth on Dec-26-2010
I heard that Dessert Trends was open on the morning of Christmas and so was able to pick up some last minute pastries. To my amazement I was shocked to discovered such awesome place. I bought over ten pastries ... there must have been 30 to choose from and my guests were thrilled as to not only how wow they looked, but how well the pastries tasted. I also bought a beautifully decorated Yule Log (Buche de Noel) which was equally impressive. Only a couple at the house had ever heard of Dessert Trends before ... but now we're all fans of DT! Thanks DT for the unexpected touch to our Christmas!

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