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User Reviews and comments on Petit Paris Bakery

From: Elyse on Sep-18-2004
Best strawberry rum cake in the world!

From: Lindsay on Sep-28-2004
I've been here, and must say, its worth sitting in the squishy store to eat - you'll keep wanting to 'sample' all of the treasures you find in the store front window! My girlfriends and i salvate just talking about this place!

From: Cora on Mar-19-2006
I visited Petit Paris today to sample their apple danish; although the dough lacked flavour and freshness, and obviously contained shortening, the apple topping tasted fabulous--perfectly crisp and tasty. Petit Paris also sells a variety of tiny cakes, which look messy, and truffles, which have appealable names, but do not look appealable themselves. I think Petit Paris is a perfect place to pick up pastry in a rush, but if you have the time, go somewhere else for quality!

From: Masta on Nov-16-2006
it's a nice touch of Dutch class in gloomy Toronto - the best pastry in the High Park area . One day I spotted a real wolf there - he swallowed his tail since he couldn't wait for cakes!

From: aquaholic on Mar-26-2007
A huge disappointment. The staff was rude, and non-attentive. I stood for a good 20 minutes before getting someone's attention, and it wasn't even busy! I felt like a bother, rather than a customer. Quality? No. I bought a few cute little items, all of which turned out to be stale! Go somewhere else. This is a fast food version of a 'specialty' bakery.

From: chocoholic on Jun-05-2007
One of my favourite places in the whole Etobicoke, the sweets are to die for and the atmosphere is warm and friendly, like in your grandma's kitchen on a snowy day. The little European touch combined with the kind owner and staff makes it just a perfect place to start your day.

From: scrdwlt tnmavc on Nov-16-2007
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From: defygravity on Jan-14-2008
definetley the best little cafe in the whole toronto area, the staff were amazing and kind and helpful the owners are amazing its like family...and to the person above me i really doubt you were waiting 20 minutes to be served so stop lying

From: lovefood on Apr-04-2008
Sorry have to agree with the prevoius post about poor service. Even got to witness the staff squabbling with each other. Pastries were stale and our cake was previously frozen. A must not!

From: Vyvianne on Aug-25-2008
I bought a specialty chocolate cake from Petit Paris for a work colleague's birthday. Everyone in the office loved it. There were a few truffles on top of the cake which delighted the birhtday girl. I bought the cake on Saturday and served it on Monday. It was still fresh and tasted like heaven. As an individual who purchased cakes from various places for our work I would highly recommend this Pastry shop. I'm going back this week to pick up another cake.

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